Let's talk breastfeeding

We are two passionate,skilled and trained lactation consultants who provide breastfeeding support to mothers and families in the comfort of their own home

Breastfeeding Preparation Before Birth

We offer ante natal education and support to all pregnant mothers to prepare the mother for her breastfeeding journey.


Breastfeeding Support at Home

We provide continues post-partum breastfeeding support and newborn care until cessation of breastfeeding in the comfort of your own home.


Breastfeeding Support in Hospital

We offer breastfeeding support in hospitals to ensure correct attachment and positioning directly after birth and during the hospital stay in the postpartum ward and NICU to ensure mother infant bonding.


Skin-to-Skin / Kangaroo Mother Care

We offer training and support to hospitals, midwives and mothers of the importance of implementing birth skin to skin contact and Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) throughout the postpartum period.


Lactation Management Training

We facilitate the 22hr WHO UNICEF MBFI Lactation Management Course for hospitals, midwives and health care workers.

We Are Selling

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Freemie Breast pump

We are one of two distributors of the Freemie Hands-free Breast pump in South Africa. The medical aid pays for the pump. Please contact us for a quotation for the pump.


Nursing Bra’s - coming soon

Here is our team

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Imke Hennop
Registered Dietitian

Imke is a registered dietitian, lactation consultant, post-natal doula and infant massage instructor. She graduated as a dietitian from the University of the Free State in 2012 and completed her community service year at the MUCPP clinic in Mangaung Bloemfontein. She is determined to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle in order for them to live a happy life as “Happiness lies, first of all, in health”. She provides individual attention and assistance to address personal needs, rather than delivering a generic solution.

084 569 0686 imke@breastfriends.co.za
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Vanessa Booysen

Vanessa is a highly experienced midwife with 25 yrs of experience in neonatal nursing - working with women and babies, both sick and healthy. She is passionate about the mother-infant dyad and promotes emotional and physical wellbeing for both mother and baby by facilitating and encouraging bonding through skin-to-skin, kangaroo mother care and breastfeeding.

082 820 2215 vanessa@breastfriends.co.za